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Mobile Solar Inc. is a new California Corporation to help get this product to you. Our partnership consist of three individuals highly interested in Green Energy and this product is so perfect we couldn’t believe it. The combined knowledge of our group combined with the genius of this product, we know that we can help customers with their solar power needs.

Kevin Lester – Successful physician that has innovated in the field of orthopedics. Innovation became a habit and he has turned his creative effort to “energy matters” and improving the concept of “off the grid living”. It is his hope that Mobile Solar will be the beginning of a movement to improve independence and the quality of life when commercial electricity is not available for “any” reason.  

Gerry Hudson – Business leader in the field of Forklifts and Construction Equipment. Also, extensive experience and ownership in the farming industry. Having Solar Energy installed at home, the plant, and on the ranches gives our team insight into the use and deployment of mobile solar.

Bob Green - Managing partner of Mobile Solar Inc. – As a communications engineer and engineering manager for 27 years with Verizon and it’s predecessor, GTE, followed by the development of the solar power specifications for five major roof mount installations and 4 large ground mount configurations in central California, I am excited about this product. All the benefits of roof and/or ground mount solar available on a trailer for solar power portability.



Energy Efficiency Consultation
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