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Solar Power, one of the sources of what we call “green energy”. Using a collection of genius technology, we can provide power out of sunlight. Photovoltaic panels (solar panels) that sunbath during the day collecting solar energy and use it to create one of our types of power called DC (like you get from a battery).


Since our houses and most of our devices in this world cannot operate on DC power, another genius technology called an inverter takes the DC from the panels and creates our usable power called AC. Specifically, 60 cycles (hertz) AC power, also giving us 120v or 240v “service”. Now we can connect to the inverter and seeming like magic we have power to use for our house, AC electric tools, lights, appliances and many other devices that we humans love to use and access simply by “plugging in”.


This is the very basics of solar power. Usually, you will find solar panels mounted on a rooftop (roof mount) or mounted on racks just above the ground (ground mount) outside of a building or home. They are all connected to an inverter system somewhere on the property and then cabled into the wiring of the home or business, providing “free” electricity to use. No bill from your electric company for using this power.


The only hitch here is that the solar power can only operate during the day unless you have a method of storing the power. So, add batteries to keep the energy you obtain during the day and you can have power day and night. This is accomplished through another genius technology called a “charge controller” that provides a charge to your batteries during the day (much like an alternator on a car charges your car battery while you are driving).


So solar power, day or night at your location when you have a ground or roof mount system. And that is most of the story. But wait, there’s more! Click on About Our Product to see.



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